10 Simple Cleaning Tips For the Busy Parent

10 Simple Cleaning Tips For the Busy Parent

Do you run a tight (clean) ship? Or do you bask in messiness? 

Becoming a parent comes with a lot of surprising things to clean and sometimes less time and energy to get it done. So, we thought we’d cover some of our favorite cleaning and organizing tips.

  1. Use A Clean Cleaner: 

When you have little ones, it’s hard to clean the house. Not only do you have them simultaneously making a mess while you’re trying to clean, but you’re also having to keep all of your cleaners out of their reach. 

Finding a family/pet-friendly cleaner makes cleaning a tiny bit less stressful! The ONE Power Cleanser Concentrate is made with natural-derived ingredients and is free from harsh chemicals and synthetic surfactants. 

Bonus: The ONE allows you to mix based on your needs to clean ANY of the following: multi-purpose and hard surfaces, shower, toilet, hard water, dish cleaner, hand soap, laundry, stain spot treatment, tough jobs, and grease. 

2. Clean As You Go:

You might only have one chance to clean an area before you have to move on to chasing a toddler or running to take a carpool. Before you know it, it’s the end of the day and every inch of your house is trashed. 

Putting a dish in the sink? Quickly rinse it and put it in the dishwasher. Taking a little break to watch a show? Fold laundry while watching. Have clutter gathering up in certain areas of the house? Place items that need to go upstairs at the bottom of the stairs. If anything, your kids will ignore it but you will have a nice reminder of what needs to be taken up :). 

Remember the 2-minute rule. If it takes less than 2-minutes do it now!

3. Create A Flexible Schedule:

The daily grind can keep you busy enough that before you know it, you haven’t cleaned your bathroom in weeks. Or you scratch your head trying to remember the last time you washed your sheets.

Set up a flexible schedule that helps you maintain a clean(ish) house. Do what works best for you.

For example:

  • Every Sunday wash your sheets.
  • Do laundry every day (some people swear by this).
  • Every Tuesday is Toilet cleaning day.

You get the point. You might be surprised to know how often you should clean certain parts of your house. Like your dishwasher and washing machine should be cleaned once a month! Who knew?

4. Clean By Room:

When you know you need to clean your entire house it can become a little overwhelming. Just think one room at a time. 

If you know you are focusing on just the master bathroom you can knock out the toilet, bath, shower, and sink and then move on to another part of the house. 

Only cleaning a toilet and then having to go back later to do the shower feels like you are redoing work or ends up just being forgotten.

5. Make A Cleaning Bucket:

Just like you have a diaper bag to hold all of your essentials, you should create a cleaning bucket that holds everything you need. 

Instead of running all over the house to gather all of your cleaning supplies, just pack them up in a bucket and get to work. This also helps you see what needs to be replaced since you have it all in one place. 

Bonus: Since The ONE cleans so many different things, you can get rid of a lot of your other cleaners. We recommend buying a few reusable spray bottles and label them for specific jobs, “Bathroom Cleaner”. 

6. Kid-Level Storage:

You might be wondering why this is a cleaning tip. Maybe it’s more of a sanity tip?! 

Creating kid-level storage not only makes it easier for kids to put away their own toys/items but it also means you don’t have to grab every single item for your child. ← When you know, you know.

Empowering your kids to own their space and take care of their toys makes your life easier in the long run!

Bonus: This is also a great tip for snacks in the pantry. Want your kids to eat more of a certain snack? Keep it within reach. This bonus tip is also worthless if you have a climber, so, sorry :). 

7. Periodic Decluttering:

Okay, again is this technically a cleaning tip? Yes-ish? Regardless, it’s very beneficial. There is a difference between dirty and messy

Dirty can be hazardous and cause sickness (mold, bacteria, etc.).

Messy is just overwhelming and annoying (and can cause lots of tripping with stuff everywhere). 

So, for the sake of helping you create the most serene house possible, we want to help you get rid of dirt and mess. 

Declutter according to your personality. Are you an all-or-nothing type of girl? Then set a goal to declutter every part of your house in a week. Create a donations pile, a trash pile, and a give to family/friends pile. 

If you’re more of a-little-at-a-time then declutter as you buy. Buy a new shirt, get rid of an old shirt. 

Less stuff means less to clean/organize. Here’s a great blog with tips on decluttering your home (and why it’s beneficial). 

8. Random Hacks:

  • Tennis balls or pencil erasers are great at removing scuff marks.
  • Old (clean) socks covering your hands can wipe away dirt in tight corners or hard to reach areas.
  • Wrap an old tee around a ruler, spray with cleaner, and wipe the inside of blinds.
  • Used dryer sheets are great to remove dust from screens.
  • Any time you throw clothes in the wash, set a timer on your phone to move it to the laundry. There’s nothing worse than forgetting about clothes in the wash!

9. Make It A Family Affair:

Get everyone involved. Give each of your kids a “job” and watch them learn and grow.

This isn’t just to take a load off of your plate. 

Research from a Harvard study found that health and well-being were improved more with kids who had chores in the house. 

It helps teach them responsibility, self-reliance, teamwork, and also helps improve planning and time management. This is all while helping the family bond!

10. A Place For Everything (Worth Keeping):

Now that you’ve decluttered, hopefully, you have more room in your house! Having a place for everything makes it easier to clean up and helps you (and everyone else in your family) find it more easily when you need it.

If you store similar items in the same place, you’ll also notice how quickly you accumulate lots of the same things. Duplicates? Expired? Old vs new versions? 

Decluttering made easy.

Have You Found The ONE (Power Cleanser Concentrate)?

Hopefully, you found some new tips to simplify your cleaning routine. We definitely had that in mind when we came up with The ONE.

One cleaner for all of your needs. Imagine being able to clean your bathroom, wash your hands, and do your laundry with just one amazing bottle. 

The ONE Power Cleanser Concentrate cleanses with natural plant-derived ingredients and is free from harsh chemicals and synthetic surfactants. 

Making all of your cleaning dreams come true <3.

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