What’s In My Diaper Bag? The Essentials & More

The.diaper.bag. I’m totally a bag girl, so when I got pregnant I knew I needed a good diaper bag (or two). 

In my 2+ years of being a mama, I’ve never depended on a bag so much. It’s with me everywhere, like it’s my second third child. 

Not only is it important to have a good, quality bag but it’s even more important as to what’s inside that bag. 

A newborn’s needs might be different than an older child’s needs. Here’s a peek into my diaper bag with a 7-month-old and a 2-year-old. 

Diaper CreamDiaper Cream

What’s In My Diaper Bag?

The Essentials

  1. Diapers (the correct size and at least 4 of them per child)
  2. Wipes (enough for a day’s worth)
  3. Bum Balm
  4. Change of clothes for my 7-month-old 
  5. Bottle/formula (just in case)
  6. Fruit snacks for 2-year-old
  7. Water bottle for 2-year-old
  8. Changing pad
  9. Pacifier
  10. My water bottle
  11. My chapstick

These are my must-haves! Anything to keep my baby happy, my toddler distracted, and my lips from getting chapped :). 

Clean diapers, Bum Balm in case of irritation, change of clothes in case of who knows what, and food options for the older brother.

These are lifesavers for me because whether I’m at work, church, or out with friends I can usually keep my baby happy if he has these. 

The Good To Haves

  1. Burp Cloth 
  2. Swaddle Blanket
  3. Portable Sound Machine
  4. Two Small Toys
  5. Llama Lotion
  6. Teething Gel
  7. Phone Charger
  8. Airpods
  9. Sassy Diaper Sacks (to throw away nasty diapers)

Now I know a lot of you are seeing my huge list and are probably thinking, “overkill”! But I’d rather be prepared and overpacked then unprepared with a hysterical child.

Poopy diaper at the doctor’s office? No biggie just throw it in your Sassy Bag and secure it in your bag. Just don’t forget to throw it away.

Stayed longer at a friend’s house and your baby is tired? No problem, start that sound machine and find a quiet room so your baby can nap. 

Since owning a couple of different diaper bags for the past couple of years there are two non-negotiables I have for all future diaper bags.

  1. Needs to be able to hold my laptop
  2. Needs to be able to hold my water bottle

I always have my water bottle with me and I never have enough hands to carry everything, so having a way to store my water bottle is huge.

The ability to hold my laptop means I don’t have to carry an extra bag just for that. 

Your diaper bag good to haves will depend on your daily activities but everyone can benefit from the essentials in their bag. 

Maybe you don’t like carrying a diaper bag around! I know a few people who just carry a purse and leave diapers and wipes in their car for when they need it! Do what works best for you.

Diaper Bag Don’ts

You would think with all the things mamas carry that they would have huge muscles. Diaper bag, baby in one arm, pulling out stroller in the other, it’s A LOT.

So my biggest piece of advice is to pack only what you use the most/what you absolutely need the most. This might take a few weeks to test out what you need and what you don’t, depending on your day to day activities.

And if you are buying products that might go in your diaper bag, the smaller and lighter, the better. 

Remember you know your baby the best, if your baby has lots of blowouts then maybe two extra pairs of clothes are part of your essentials. 

Baby Bum Balm Diaper Bag Essentials Llama Lotion

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