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Looking for Zen? We have Tips For The Entire Family (and Printables)

Looking for Zen? We have Tips For The Entire Family (and Printables)

We could all use a little bit of Zen right now. Anyone feeling cabin fever from spending so much time indoors? Well, we have a few ideas to help you find your zen.

Let’s start with your kiddos.

1. A Schedule: There have been lots of changes that might have your children thrown off their game. You can start by sticking to their normal school routine. Nothing super strict. Just wake them up as normal, get dressed, eat breakfast, and set up a designated area for school work. Be sure to have snack breaks and some fun.

2. Talk to Them: Let them ask questions about what’s going on. Teach them about handwashing, how to cough into their arm, and staying away from people who are sick (if they happen to be outside). Here’s a great resource from the CDC. Also, it’s just as important to pay attention to what your children can hear (from your conversations, tv, radio, etc.).

3. Guided Imagery and Relaxation Scripts: Do you have a child who is anxious, angry, or hyper? Try these relaxation and guided imagery scripts to help them calm down. These are also great to help your kids wind down for bedtime. Click the images for PDFs.

Now for parents.

1. Simplify. I’ll let you choose what these fully mean. But here are some quick ideas:
- Meal Plan. You might have limited choices with food right now, so this can help you use what you have in your pantry.
- Spring Clean. Get rid of things that you aren’t using. Or put away winter gear for spring items!
- Set the Stage. If there are certain areas of your house that you’re hanging out in right now, clean it out. Less clutter, more fun.

2. Snack Time(s). Does anyone else find themselves snacking ALL DAY? Have designated snack times/snack portions (outside of your normal meal times). You can make this as strict (or not) as you want.

3. Game Time. Staring at screens all day can be exhausting, no seriously. Between school/work, FaceTime, and your favorite shows, your eyes are probably worn out. Pull out a puzzle or a board game and have fun with the fam.

Stay Zen and Stay Healthy!

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