6 Convincing Reasons Why Bathing is Good for the Body and Soul

6 Convincing Reasons Why Bathing is Good for the Body and Soul

Are you a bath taker? Or do you stick to showers?

We are all about good hygiene, so as long as you’re getting so fresh and so clean, we are fans of bathers and shower(ers) :). 

But in honor of the less popular choice of bath takers, we want to call out all the reasons why taking a bath is beneficial. 

Before we jump in, we want to address the main argument against taking a bath. People assume that showering is better for cleaning (because you’re not just “sitting in your filth”) but that’s actually not based on any evidence

If you are covered from head to toe in mud and then hop in the bath, then yes, you’ll be sitting in a mud bath but if you just had a normal day and you want a relaxing bath then go for it! Here’s why.

We aren’t really as dirty as we think we are. The amount of dirt in our bath is likely very minuscule and by soaking in the bath, you let your pores soak up some much-needed moisture. If you are really worried about it, you can always hop in the shower to rinse off all your dirtiness and then soak in the tub for all of these benefits —->. 

Breathe Easy with a Nice Bath

Have you ever felt under the weather and took a hot bath to feel better? When you are immersed in water (past your chest but with your head out) the temperature of the water plus the pressure of the water on your chest/lungs can influence your lung capacity and oxygen intake. A warmer bath can help your heart to beat faster, your oxygen intake to be improved, and a little steam to clear your sinuses and chest. 

Bathe for Some Muscle, Joint, and Bone Love

Taking a hot bath can help increase blood circulation, which in turn helps remove chemicals that build up in tissues causing some muscle issues. The water also provides buoyancy which can help some with joint issues. The hot water can help relax those bones, muscles, joints, and everything else so you can kick back and soak in the tub. 

Bathing Cleanses and Moisturizes Your Skin 

When your skin is dry, it’s a sign it’s not doing a good job of retaining its moisture (water). Soaking in a bath (opens up your pores) and helps provide that much-needed water. If you really want to provide some TLC to your skin, then remember to do the Soak and Seal Method. Soak in the tub, use a gentle cleanser, avoid scrubbing too hard, and then apply your moisturizer within three minutes to take advantage of your after-bath skin (otherwise your skin might become drier). 

Sleep Better After a Bath

A warm bath before bedtime raises your body temperature. Upon exiting the bath, your body will rapidly cool down, helping your body to produce melatonin to better prepare you for sleep. It’s often recommended to sleep in a cold room for a better night’s rest. Our body temperature naturally drops at night to produce melatonin (aka the sleeping hormone) so a warm bath just helps get the melatonin party started. 

Baths Can Elevate Your Mood 

Did you know that bathing helps bring back feelings of being in the womb (submerged in warm liquid, nice & comfy)? This helps induce feelings of relaxation, easiness, comfort, and security. The quiet isolation can also do wonders for a busy mind. 

Have we convinced you to take a bath yet?

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