The One Stain Stick
The One Stain Stick
The One Stain Stick
The One Stain Stick
The One Stain Stick
The One Stain Stick

The One Stain Stick

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If you aren’t staining your clothes daily then you’re just not living right! Stains are a sign of good food, good livin’ and tough playin’. But that doesn’t mean stains need to be permanent.

With The One Stain Stick we use clean ingredients with eco-friendly and minimal packaging so you are tough on stains but soft on the environment!

+ Eliminate stains with only 3 natural ingredients

+ Works on blood stains, collar stains, grass stains, tomato stains, and anything else you can think of

+ Eco-friendly and minimal packaging

+ Easy grip for effective stain treating



Sodium Hydroxide

Wet garment where the stain is and rub lightly moistened stick directly on the stain until a creamy consistency forms. Wash per garment instructions.


1.6 OZ (45 g)

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Fast, affordable, convenient


Safe, natural & effective

Cocos Nucifera: Antimicrobial agent, helps to clean tough stains

Water: Mixing agent

Sodium Hydroxide (Lye (NaOH): Stripping agent, cleanser

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Larissa F.
Must have!

This stick has saved me from throwing out baby clothes! It has removed stains! I love that it doesn’t have an odor. So many cleaners have an odor to it. Love this! Get one for you and for your friend!

Thanks for the review Larissa! We're so glad that you're enjoying The One Stain Stick! It's a must-have for anyone with stain problems!

Natalie P.
pretty good stuff

I like this little bar, little being the key word. It is a bit hard to hold onto. Maybe it needs some type of holder? I'm not sure what would make it easier to apply. I try not to get my hands wet when using it, but that is hard to do. It is slippery. Works well though.

Thanks for the review Natalie! We will definitely pass your feedback along to our team. Glad to hear you are enjoying the work of the stain stick! :)

Tefna L.
So easy to use.

This little bar is such a lifesaver. I carry some in all my vehicles, bathrooms, kitchen, laundry room. Just gets everything out.


Thank you for the review! We agree! it is magic in a stick! Bring it every where because you never know when you are gonna need to get a stain out! :)

Set in oil spot

It took out an old set in oil splash from a top!!! It is so amazing.

Hi Ashley!

Thanks for leaving a review!! Isn't the Stain Stick just the best for getting out any type of stain!?! Happy to hear you love it and it has been a life saver for your clothes!

Sara G.
No other words, just AMAZING

This stick has removed stains I though that were stuck, red staining from clothes bleeding and much more. My daughter who is 3 is super messy, and this stick has been a saver for all her white clothing! I am so impressed and shocked, I love it!! ❤


Use only as directed. Keep out of the reach of children and animals. Not for human or animal consumption.

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