Preparing For A Teething Baby? Here Are Our Tried and Tested Picks

Preparing For A Teething Baby? Here Are Our Tried and Tested Picks

Here at Wink Well, we like to create products that simplify parenting. And we have all sorts of parents around here. We have brand new mamas, we have experienced mamas, we have dog mamas, girl dads, new dads, and future moms/dads. 

So, when it comes to parenting products, we have probably tried a lot of them. 

5 Tried and Tested Teething Products (According to Baby Marcus)

A few months back our head Llama Mama and Wink Well Co-Founder shared some of her favorite teething products (according to her now 1 year old)!

  1. Comotomo Silicone Baby Teether: Super soft and flexible. Marcus would munch and munch on this bad boy. Built in a way that he was able to hold onto it (even with those cute little hands). It’s also great for developing chewing muscles to help with future eating (solids). 
  2. Itzy Ritzy Chew Crew (Cactus) Teether: Compared to the Comotomo teether, this one is a little harder silicone. But it still bends well and provides lots of angles and textures that Marcus enjoyed gumming. 
  3. Baby Banana Infant Toothbrush: This is probably one of the most recommended teethers that we’ve heard of. Marcus loved playing with it daily and even used it nightly to brush his gums (it’s never too early for oral hygiene)! Very easy to hold onto and the texture is slightly different, which he seemed to be a fan of. 
  4. Oli and Carol’s Kendall The Kale (Teether): I mean, who doesn’t want to chew on some healthy kale? Marcus definitely didn’t mind gumming all the little bumps and grooves. And he will probably now forever be a fan of Kale :).
  5. Copper Pearl Baby Bandana Bibs: AKA Drool bibs! This one is more for style and mom’s sanity. Instead of changing your teething child’s shirt every hour, add one of these bibs to the outfit. Cute and functional!

Our Other Favorite Teething “Products” 

  1. Wet Wash Cloth: Better yet, chilling a wet washcloth can provide some relief. Be sure not to freeze it as that will be too hard for your baby. And always keep an eye on your little one while they’re chomping on it. 
  2. Frozen Fruit In Silicone (Or Mesh): These are especially great for babies who love feeding themselves. Some people prefer a silicon feeder over mesh because they are easier to clean. You can add crushed ice, fruit, and other goodies for baby to chomp on. 
  3. Chilled Pacifier (Binky, whatever you call it :0)): Does your baby already love their paci? Take a clean one and put it in the fridge to keep it chilled. When your little one is getting fussy, pull out the chilled binky and replace it with another one in the fridge so you’re always prepared. 

The Best of the Best Teething Product (And What To Avoid)

Now we love all of ^^those^^ teething products, but our all-time favorite is our Cool Gums Teething Gel

With a sweet minty taste, it contains natural soothing agents that calm and soothes tender gums.* 

Better than what it includes, let’s talk about what it DOESN’T include. No belladonna, benzocaine, clove oil, lidocaine, or anything else potentially toxic and harmful to babies and children. 

Our Cool Gums is NOT a homeopathic product. For more information on homeopathic teething products and why you should avoid them, check out this warning from the FDA, here

Our product is made with natural, clinically-backed ingredients.

Even though it’s recommended for teething infants, anyone looking for some mouth relief can benefit from Cool Gums. Things like: braces, mouth irritation, sensitive teeth, soothing for nursing moms, AND it can even be used for toothpaste training.

Pretty cool, huh? Keep it in your fridge for extra chillness. 

Did we miss any amazing teething products? Tell us in the comments. 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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