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Wink Pre & Pro biotic

I purchased this product for my infant daughter. She is breastfed and has tummy troubles. She's very gassy and often only goes 💩 once every 7, or even 9 days. When she does go I have to help her, and she struggles and cries while doing so. We've been using Wink for less then 2 weeks now and I've already noticed improvements. She's gone 💩 3 times in the past 4 days! No struggling or crying!! Never thought I could be so happy to see 💩! So far I would defintely recommend this product!

Reset Dry Shampoo
Crystal R.

Reset Dry Shampoo

Helps my kids sleep better

My kids love these and they help them fall asleep faster.

Best one yet!

I LOVE the shimmer conditioner bar, this is the only one so far that I have found that actually conditions your hair. I have long, curly, thick hair. Curly hair needs moisture and most of the bars I have found do not feel conditioned at all after a shower. My only problem which is not with this conditioner bar, but in general if you have long thick hair it takes longer to apply the conditioner.

I like the product but I’m very dissatisfied about the big tubs again. I like the individual size packets. They were easy to grab when you’re on the go and for traveling. Now you can’t take the big tub, so you just forget it that day! That’s not why I buy it! Seriously considering canceling my subscription.

Strong Smell

This bat has a very strong smell that lasts a long time and takes a long time to get a lather or anything of any sort....

Glass Spray Bottle 2-pk
Glass Spray Bottles

Loving these spray bottles! They are very versatile and look great too! And did I mention the great price?!

Cleaning Cloth

This cloth is perfect for all my cleaning needs. It doesn't leave streaks or lint fibers, all it leaves is clean!

The One

This cleaner is amazing! It can be used for almost anything! It has decreased the number of cleaning products in my home substantially! Laundry, dishes, countertops, you name it, this is The One for everyone!

Motivation in a bottle

It gives me just enough kick to jumpstart when my motivation is lacking or tired. I don't do well with energy type pills or drinks. These do not give me any type of anxiety, jitters or the crash after. I LOVE these!!

Energy + Focus - 60 Capsules

Glass Spray Bottle 2-pk
Heather L.
Sturdy bottle

I love the glass spray bottle. It's so much better than a plastic one. I've had one for a couple of years now that had a rubber bottom and loved it so much that I got 2 more!
I do however wish that they still came with the rubber bottom

Didn't work for me

Much like the shampoo bar, this just didn't work for my hair. It left it more heavy than a typical conditioner after being rinsed out thoroughly. I wanted it to work and was excited for it, but it just didn't work with my hair.

Didn't work for me

I wish so much that I could have loved this, but it just didn't work for me. It left my hair feeling heavy and looking oily/greasy. I tried many different techniques for shampooing, but it just didn't make a difference. The smell is great and the product is great, just wish it would've worked for my hair.

Decent dry shampoo

I love the dry shampoo, just not the container. It gets clogged super easy and it's frustrating to have to stop to "release" the clog every few pumps. Still, it is probably the best dry shampoo that I have used because it actually soaks up the oil instead of adding more to your hair.

Universal wipes

We no longer have a “baby” in our house but we continue to use the Wink wipes weekly. They are super versatile for any age honestly. With two elementary aged kiddos we use them frequently. We have a pack in every car and are sure to take them along on any trips. You never know when someone might be a little messy. And let’s be honest……there are places that just have awful toilet paper!

It is ok

Strong patchouli scent that lasts... I wish it had more of a citrus scent. More long lasting smell than most other products I have tried. It took a bit to get it to lather in my hair

Shimmer Conditioner Bar

Love our sleep!

We were hesitant to try the melatonin melts because of past issues with other brands but we LOVE this product. We have had no negative issues only great sleep and waking up feeling refreshed.

Work great

They clean so much better than regular cloths

I have used this lotion for many years. Love it! Great moisturizing.

Have bought from people selling wink. Will say I liked that much better. I’m not good on technology.

Energy + Focus - 60 Capsules

Love this cleaner

I love this cleaner! I can breathe when using it without having on a mask and it WORKS too!

The best!

So soft and calming! Not overpowering!

The best baby wipes

We have a monthly subscription for these wipes- they are the best! They are amazing for sensitive skin and I love that they don’t have an overpowering fragrance. They’ve never caused any irritation for either kiddo. They are great for wiping faces too!