Power Plant Protein Powder - Chocolate
Power Plant Protein Powder - Chocolate
Power Plant Protein Powder - Chocolate
Power Plant Protein Powder - Chocolate
Power Plant Protein Powder - Chocolate
Power Plant Protein Powder - Chocolate
Power Plant Protein Powder - Chocolate
Power Plant Protein Powder - Chocolate
Power Plant Protein Powder - Chocolate
Power Plant Protein Powder - Chocolate

Power Plant Protein Powder - Chocolate

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Protein is a part of every cell in your body. This macronutrient helps your body build and repair its cells and tissues. In order to maintain a healthy weight and preserve muscle health, it’s imperative to include protein in your daily diet.

Our Power Plant Protein Powder is more than just a protein shake. We’ve included probiotics to help with digestion, a fruit and vegetable blend, fiber complex, and a vitamin blend for cell and body support.* Fuel your body with the power of plants (in protein form).

+ Plant protein and vegan formula

+ Contains probiotics to help with digestion*

+ Fruit and Vegetable blend

+ Fiber Complex Included

+ Vitamin Blend for cell and body support*

Protein Blend

Fruit+Veggie & Vitamin Blends

Probiotic Blend

Mix one scoop into 8-12 oz of water and shake well.

Pro Tips: 

Replace water with almond, coconut, oat, or regular milk. 

If you are looking to increase your protein intake and add some creaminess, 1 scoop of Multi-Collagen pairs perfectly with Power Plant Protein Powder.

You can also add to smoothies, shakes, power bites, pancakes, and more.

Contains 30 servings of chocolate flavored protein powder per tub.

NET WT 2.25 LBS (1020 g)

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Multi-Collagen Protein Powder




Love it, or your money back


Fast, affordable, convenient


Safe, natural & effective

More Than Just A Protein Shake

Featuring a robust fruit & vegetable blend

Plant protein and vegan formula

Great for the entire family

Vitamin blend for cell and body support*

What's in it?

Plant Protein Blend

Pea, pumpkin & hemp protein aids in lean muscle growth*

Fruit + Veggie Blend

Promotes heart & gut health*

Probiotic Blend

Promotes digestive health*

Protein Blend

Pea Protein: Aids lean muscle growth, weight loss, and heart health*

Hemp Protein: Aids lean muscle growth, natural immune system support and rich source of antioxidants*

Pumpkin Protein: Aids lean muscle growth, natural immune system support and rich source of antioxidants*

Tapioca Maltodextrin: Thickener

Cocoa Powder: Flavor rich in polyphenols

Coconut Milk Powder: Shown to have some weight management properties*

Sunflower Extract: Source of unsaturated fatty acids

Vitamin Blend

Potassium Citrate: Regulates the balance of fluids in the body*

Calcium Phosphate: Bone formation and maintenance*

Magnesium AAC: Promotes muscle and nerve health*

Ascorbic Acid: Antioxidant; helps with skin, bone, and cartilage health; natural immune system support*

Niacinamide: Helps with energy metabolism and important cell functions*

Vitamin E Acetate: Antioxidant, also involved in immune and cell function*

Iron Gluconate: Essential for blood production*

Vitamin D3: Promotes skin and bone health*

Beta Carotene: Vision health and immune system support*

L-Methyltetrahydrofolate: Assists in the formation of DNA and cell division, and improves neurodevelopment in children when taken during pregnancy*

Pyridoxine HCL: Helps with important metabolism reactions, immune support, and to maintain the health of nerves, skin, and red blood cells*

Riboflavin: Helps with growth, energy production, and development of cells*

Thiamine Mononitrate: Helps with growth, development, and functioning of cells and energy metabolism (converting food into energy)*

Biotin: Helps keep your skin, hair, and nervous system healthy and helps with gene regulation, cell signaling, and energy metabolism* 

Methylcobalamin: Helps functions of the brain and nervous system and with the formation of red blood cells & DNA synthesis* 

Natural Flavor

Fiber Complex

Xanthan Gum: Thickener

Pea Fiber: High fiber content that helps maintain the growth of healthy bacteria in the intestines*

Cocoa Fiber: Excellent source of dietary fiber*

Salt: Balances fluids in the blood and essential for nerve and muscle function*

Stevia Extract: Natural sweetener

Fruit/Veggie Blend

Apple Powder: Promotes positive gut health, bowel movements and reduces gut irritation*

Blueberry Powder: Promotes heart health with antioxidant properties*

Cranberry Powder: Antioxidant, helps improve urinary symptoms*

Raspberry Powder: Antioxidant

Strawberry Powder: Antioxidant

Beet Powder: Shown to have some weight management properties*

Broccoli Powder: Antioxidant

Cabbage Powder: High in fiber, antioxidant 

Carrot Powder: Antioxidant

Kale Powder: Antioxidant

Parsley Powder: Antioxidant

Spinach Powder: Shown to have some weight management properties*

Probiotic Blend

L. Acidophilus: Promotes growth of good bacteria*

B. Lactis: Immune support, promotes digestive health*

L. Plantarum: Promotes intestinal health, promotes immune health*

L. Casei: Promotes digestive health*

L. Rhamnosus: Promotes digestive health*

L. Brevis: Promotes immune health*

L. Helveticus: Promotes positive gut health*

L. Salivarus: Promotes oral/dental benefits*

L. Bulgaricus: Promotes positive gut health*

B. Bifidum: Promotes positive gut health*

B. Infantis: Promotes digestive health

B. Longum: Promotes immune health*

B. Breve: Promotes intestinal health, promotes immune health*

S. Thermophilus: Promotes immune health*


Protein shakes promote muscle gain and improve performance and recovery. Moreover, they also prevent muscle loss and might even help increase muscle mass during weight loss.*

To start, our protein powder is plant-based. That means natural ingredients without any synthetic fillers. We’ve also spent time finding the perfect fruit/veggie blend, fiber complex, vitamins, and even probiotics to pack your powder with all the ingredients you need to support your cells and body.*

It’s all personal preference. You can drink it straight with water, almond, coconut, oat, or regular milk. Or you can add it to your favorite smoothie, shake, or pancake recipe. If you’re looking to up your protein intake, pairing it with Multi-Collagen is a great idea.

Yes! Our collagen is sourced from hormone-free protein sources.

Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
Courtney Lilley
Too sweet

Not my favorite protein powder. Too sweet for my taste

Chocolate Powder

Love this powder!! It’s great with peanut butter and apples wish there were more fruits and veggies in it and it wasn’t so plant based. But love that I can put it in a lot of things!

Sharon D.
Luv this product:heart:️

I start every day with a shake! Love it!

Jill K.
Power Plant Protein is a complementary supplement

It was suggested that I use the Protein in conjunction with Collagen. The combination makes for a creamy, chocolate flavored blend. In order to dissolve the powders it requires the use of warm to hot water. I then chill it & add ice. I cannot provide therapeutic value due to the fact that I have only been using it for a short time.

Danya P.
Great tasting! Mixes in well!

I love this protein powder! It tastes great (and I've tried a lot of others). It also mixes in well with water or milk. I use both milk and water in my shakes and it tastes really good. I like that there are vitamins in it as well. Bonus!


Keep out of reach of children. Store at room temperature. Protect from moisture. Do not use if the safety seal is punctured or broken.

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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